His eyes fell half mast as Jay nipped at his lip, then whispering in that damned voice--asking to be fucked--and then...

He hissed as Jay palmed his erection through his pants. He hummed as the other squeezed him, massaging his heat through his clothes. After a short moment, his hand closed around Jay's wrist and he pulled the hand away. He smirked, leaning in for a quick kiss before pulling away.

"Stay, Jay," he said simply. He moved away and began to feel around the room in the dark. He crept to the side of the bed, feeling for... There had to be one. Ah. There.

He pulled open the top drawer to a night stand and allowed his hands to feel for something that would work. Something useful.

He snickered. His hand closed around a bottle. It was lotion and it would suffice.

Not bothering to slide the drawer shut, Charles quickly reached his conquest once again. Leaning forward, he placed a hand on Jay's waist and pulled slightly.

"Turn around."

He waited until the taller boy had turned before leaning and whispering into the other's ear.

"Now, brace yourself against the wall with your hands... good, just like that."

He allowed his tongue to trace along the outside of Jay's ear, passing over various piercings. They were cold to his tongue--a complete contrast to the warm skin they resided in.

He opened the bottle. The unmistakable scent of vanilla reached his nose. It was scented lotion and while he had never used scented lotion as a lubricator, he really didn't feel like looking for anything else when his cock was screaming to slide into that tight ass and he still needed to prepare Jay.

He squeezed some onto two fingers, slipping the bottle into his pocket before using his free hand to spread the scene-kid's cheeks. He pressed his fingers to the entrance and began to rub the lotion around it and all along the crevice. He smiled at the soft gasps that escaped his partner before pulling his finger away and pulling out the lotion once more, applying a generous amount to one finger. The lotion away, he pressed his finger against the hole and pressed his mouth to Jay's neck.

"I'm going to slip a finger into you now. It'll feel weird, and it might hurt. If it is too uncomfortable... let me know."

Charles continued to kiss, lick, and nip at the other's skin as he slowly pushed his index finger into the other male.

OOC: I am so sooooory that took so long. But I believe it was best for the wait... I wouldn't have come up with that a month ago. Please don't hate me too much. Ilu, Aunty Dual. XD ♥
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Jay was close. Charles could tell.

The hands in his hair, the sounds emitting from bruised lips.

God, he loved the sounds.

And then Jay spoke... no moaned... whimpered... his name...


He heightened his actions, working hard to bring the other to the release he so needed and craved.

The humming set the other off and with a guttural cry, Jay came.

Calmly, as if he'd always done this sort of thing, he slid his mouth to close tightly around the swollen head, swallowing hard as the acrid fluid hit the back of his throat and flowed downward. Still, he swallowed it all and only when he was certain he had taken it all, did Charles pull away, green eyes meeting blue.

"I want to fuck you, Jay," he whispered softly and slowly he stood, leaning in to press his mouth to Jay's in an almost chaste kiss before pulling away and grinning softly. "Would you like that Jay?"


Charles snickered. He definitely hadn't expected this when he told Jay to beg. God, he loved it. Just teasing the other caused Jay to need him, want him so much.

The teasing was coming to an end. He wanted Jay. Wanted to slip into that tight ass. Feel that muscle clenched around his arousal.

He took a deep breath. His overactive imagination was going to send him over the top.

He smiled once more, then flipping his attention to the task at hand.

If Jay wanted to come, then he would. Charles would make him.

He guided the other back into his mouth, slowly taking in more and more. He deep throated his conquest as far as he could before he returned to sliding up and down the prick, sucking hard as his hand massaged Jay's sac. The fingers on his free hand brushed his inner thighs gently--a contradiction to his other actions.

His tongue rubbed the underside of Jay's manhood, and he hummed softly, knowing that the vibrations would set his kinda-friend over the edge.

Sorry took so long. Beeeen busy. ;o;


He complied with the weight on the back of his head, taking in yet more of Jay until he no longer could. He then pulled off until he reached the head and began to bob along the length. He could tell that the other was very close and allowed one of his hands to cup the other's sac, massaging the balls to more blissfull sounds escaping his partner.


What would come of this? Would they become boyfriends? Did Jay want that? Did he want that? Would do this, sleeping with Jay, cause awkwardness between them if neither one wanted to be together? Did he really care, or was it the passion and desire (and the minute amount of alcohol he'd consumed)?

He pushed his thoughts away. He'd deal with them later. Right now he needed to decide whether or not he was going to give Jay what he so desperately wanted. Releasing the sac, he took hold of Jay at the base and pulled completely off the meat.

"So..." he said softly, simply. "You want to come? Hm? Down my throat? And what if I don't want that? If I do that for you, what will you do for me?"

He chuckled and kissed the head, before pulling back once more and gazing up at Jay.

"Will you let me fuck you into this wall here? How does that sound, Jay?"


He chuckled deeply, not giving any sign that the sound of Jay's voice entered his ears, skipped his brain completely, and rushed straight to his nether regions. He allowed the other to continue to beg, his thumb swiping across the head, spreading the precum gathered there. As the other silenced, his hand became lose and he stopped it completely.

Jay spoke again, his voice very close to a whine, and he said his name over and over. Begged. Over and over. Charles sighed and closed his hand tight once again, sliding it down the shaft. He leaned forward and swiped his tongue at the slit. He grinned at the hands in his hair and allowed his tongue to circle the enlarged head.

He then pulled away, glanced up into Jay's clouded blue eyes, and stroked the other's member slowly, gently.

He wanted to hear the other moaning, calling his name, and as fun as it was to tease the scene kid--it just wasn't satisfying. Sliding his hand down the cock once more, he leaned in and pressed his lips to the head. Slowly he took the other into his mouth. His tongue worked the thick vein running down the underside of the prick. His hand released the member and massaged Jay's inner thigh as his mouth slid more of his kinda-sorta friend's meat into his mouth.


The moment his name had escaped those lips, Charles had pushed Jay up against a wall. He claimed the other's mouth hotly with his own as his hands fell to the tall boy's waist.

He was horny, that much was obvious. The part that was not obvious, was how. Sure Jay had always been attractive. But Charles had been indifferent to anything, boy or girl. So why were his hands suddenly so adamant--pulling at the hem of Jay's shirt and pushing it up the slender frame? Why was his tongue forcing its way into Jay's mouth, bullying its partner into submission? Why was his cock screaming so passionately for an escape from the confines of his pants?

He pulled away just long enough to slip the shirt off over Jay's head, tossing it to someplace in the room he had absolutely no interest. He then nipped at the other's collarbone, licked a trail too a pert nipple that he bit, snickering. His free hands made small work of the scene kid's pants, pushing them down Jay's legs as he slowly went lower and lower--nipping and licking--before his knees touched the floor. He smirked up at the other, his green eyes sparked with mischief along with countless other things. His hands gripped the hem of Jay's jeans, pulling them down until the fell to the floor. He grumbled as he worked off Jay's shoes and socks and then slipped the pants off completely.

With a satisfied smirk, he looked up. His eyes met Jay's as his fingers danced up the scene kid's thighs, then curling into the thin fabric of the other's boxers. With one simple tug, the boxers reached the floor and Charles tossed them somewhere to join Jay's other clothes.

Charles's attention shifted to the happy appendage between Jay's legs. His smirk widened as he slowly took the shaft in hand, fingers closing tightly around it. He then pumped it once, listening hard for the sounds that would escape the other shortly. He did it again, and then finally looked up.

"You want me to suck it, don't you? You do, I can tell. Beg."

He licked his lips. "Beg me to do it, and maybe I will."


Charles had released the collar the moment Jay had stood up. He had then take the other's wrist tightly and led him through the mass of bodies. Jay spoke and Charles dug his nails into the skin and bone, silencing him. He didn't need to speak. Not now. He didn't need to waste that hypnotic voice on stupid questions.

He did stop once they reached the hall. Only for a moment. His green eyes glanced at Jay and he bit his lip hard to keep from pressing him into the wall and grinding against him right there.

"Room," he said and pulled him into one of the rooms, quite thankful it wasn't occupied. He kicked the door shut with his foot and then released the scene kid. Slowly, a smirk flitted onto his face. He stepped closer to Jay and allowed his hand to touch the collar around the other's neck.

"You are a dog then."

Had it been anyone but him, it would have been a question. For him though, it was a fact.

"Are you a good boy, Jay?" he asked, desire now overriding anything else. He wanted Jay.

And he wanted him now.

"My good doggy."


Charles sensed the other's discomfort. And he vaguely realized that he was the cause of the discomfort.

In a way, then, he was causing the scene kid far more discomfort on purpose. He wanted to get a reaction from him. Needed to. In a way, Jay was a bit of a play-thing. It was fun to mess with his emotions.

He listened to the other's excuses, or not-excuses, or perhaps justifications. In the end, he shook his head and tuned them out. When the other had finished, he quirked his brows and smirked once again.

Then the other had turned toward's him. He stared indifferently as that two-toned head fell forward, the other's head not quite resting on his forehead. His initial thought was that Jay was sure to hurl, and get sick all over him. Charles would not have that. Not for anyone. Not for Metis, and sure as hell not for this scene kid. It was his own fault for downing beer after beer. At the first sign of blowing chunks, Charles was pushing the other off the couch.

No sign ever came. In fact, something else happened. Something Charles had not foreseen.

His eyes widened for a split second as soft lips pressed against his skin. Few seconds later and those eyes became lidded once again, that same mouth pressing firmer onto his neck. His eyes left the other, looking away but not really looking at anything at all.

It felt good. Too good. Better than it ever should have felt; had the right to feel.

It wasn't just Jay's lips. It was the way his dyed bangs brushed just under his ear, the way his nose pressed against his neck, and ... the teeth.

A noise escaped his lips. It was foreign, and he had almost been certain it hadn't come from him at all. Never had anyone caused a noise like that to escape him.

His neck tingled in response to the soft nip and the breath that hit the skin. He was silent for only a moment, and then he knew exactly what he wanted.

Jay. He wanted Jay on his knees in front of him. He wanted Jay beneath him writhing. Begging. Moaning.

Who am I going home with, then? Jay's last words rang in his ears. His voice. He could hear the insinuation wrapping around the question. He heard the slight whine of hope. The breathless need and want.

Charles stood up. He gazed over the other for just a moment before--without a word--slipping two fingers behind the collar and pulling firmly.


*o* @ Charles. I want to come. @o@~~~!


Charles watched the other from the corner of his eyes as Jay shifted. It seemed like Jay was suddenly uncomfortable, for whatever the reason. The misfit truly found that slightly humorous as he'd just been perfectly fine mere moments before--when he'd been with his friends.

He allowed his gaze to shift back to the party, taking in the sight of some idiot choking on a beer bong while his friends stupidly cheered. Then Jay spoke again, and Charles snorted at what the scene kid had to say.

"Yeah, nice," he said, sarcasm dripping from his tongue like acid from a dropper. He turned his attention completely to the boy beside him. "I think you're drinking too much Jay. Far too much if you'd label this as nice. Sad. Amusing. Even entertaining to an extent."

He shook his head and nodded to a jock and his cheerleader girlfriend who were pretty hot and heavy in the farthest right corner. "No decency. No respect. Not nice, by any definition of the word."

He sighed, looking side long at his sort-of friend. Turning slightly, the leg that pressed against the other's now sliding along it as he turned in his seat, Charles leaned over and took the can. He handed it to some passing girl and leaned in a little closer.

Jay's eyes were slightly unfocused and he could smell the five--well, four and a half--cans of beer on the other's breath. Snickering softly, he shook his head.

"You aren't driving home."

It wasn't a question, it wasn't a request. It was a statement that Charles expected to be followed. He didn't really care, but he wasn't stupid either.

"You aren't going with them either," he continued, nodding at Jay's group of friends who hadn't seemed to notice that Jay hadn't returned yet. Or if they had, they payed no attention to him and his company now.

He chuckled softly. Maybe he did care. A tiny bit.

However, he wasn't going to spread it around.


Charles sighed as he balanced the bottle on his knee. He watched Jay move out of the room, no doubt to get yet another beer. What would this be? His fifth. There was no way Jay was driving him home tonight. He allowed his eyes to fall on Jay's group of friends. Odette was alright, but the other's he wasn't too sure about. Still, none of them seemed to realize their so-called-friend was drinking far too much. And Odette had even offered to get him another.

Hmph. Right. It wasn't his problem, and he really didn't see why he was dwelling on it either. Jay was a friend. Maybe. Sorta. Whatever. Still, it was all common sense. If he saw Jay leaving with the keys, he was seriously going to have to hurt someone.

He brought the bottle to his lips once more, taking a bigger gulp and finishing the bottle off. He tossed it onto the floor, not really caring once again. When he looked up, however, his green eyes met blue and he quirked a brow at the look that was on Jay's face.

The brow, however, said nothing to how his insides suddenly felt at the look. Like Jay wanted to jump or eat him. And then that look went straight to his groin. But his face stayed impassive. Blank.

The quirked brow had apparently said something to the other, as Jay made his way over, clutching the can of beer in his hand. He was a little annoyed, however, because he had to sit up a bit in order for the other to take a seat.

"Hey," he said in response, looking away, not really in the mood to carry on a conversation.